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Governed by established methodologies fine-tuned from over 50 successful projects, Invento excels in mapping customer’s business processes to product functionality, structuring a strategic development and rollout plan, and implementing high-impact solutions on time and within budget.

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Odoo Implementation

Invento has been partnering with Odoo since late 2015, and already completed several mission-critical business transformation project using Odoo ERP. We have implemented end-to-end application, that cover all aspects of businesses,  from supply chain and vendor management to POS and CRM. Our Odoo expertise covers the following areas:

  • Business transformation strategy;
  • Business Analysis and workflow definition;
  • Mapping business processed to Odoo out-of-the-box apps;
  • Configuration and customization of out-of-the-box apps;
  • Legacy data migration and normalization;
  • Integration with third-party systems like accounting,  redmine, Jira, etc;
  • Development of custom apps and functions on Python;
  • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence implementation on top of  Enterprise data.

Project Teams Augmentation

Invento Labs augment your project team by deploying a dedicated, world-class workforce focused exclusively on solving your company’s technical problems – from the front office to the back- at a fraction of the cost of hiring, training and managing your own. The following skills are available:

  • Languages: Python, PHP, Java, Scala, C/C++/C#, ASM, JavaScript;
  • Databases: PostGreSQL/Enterprise DB, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Hadoop, Neo4J
  • Tools and Platforms: Odoo, Tableau, SAS, Greenplum, Unity, Blender.

Bespoke Applications Development

Invento boasts hundreds-of-man-years of development experience, sophisticated digital asset management and development infrastructure, and a tuned implementation methodology built around continious delivery.

Generally-used practices:

  • Process: Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall;
  • Development: Test-driven Development, Behaviour-driven Development;
  • Delivery: Continuous Delivery;
  • Operations: Continuous Integration, Development&Operation (DevOps).

Big Data and Business Intelligence

We help our clients create, adopt and empower data-driven business culture by transforming large volumes of internal  and external data into a decision-making instrumentation.

  • Design and build a Data Warehouse to store the data in an optimal format;
  • Unlock insights by defining KPIs on top of external and internal data;
  • Set up and optimization of data collection processes;
  • Build ETL  processes to load the Data Warehouse;
  • Data formats clean up and profiling;
  • Design a custom Business Intelligence solution;
  • Train your team, on-demand solution support.

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We are not a software technology body-shop, rather, Invento Labs build up balanced, multi-functional teams of Solution and System architects, QA and Software Engineers, Business Analysts and Project/Delivery Managers to drive the project from ground up.

As required, we engage Industry Experts to improve specific business knowledge. One thing is assured: we make technology serve business, not business serve technology.

Although we are growing fast, with anual rate of around 100%, we still preserve “boutique-like” style of customer care.

For each project of any size we assign a Board Member as an Executive Sponsor. This Executive Sponsor stays on top of all outstanding matter and issues, and pro-actively addresses them together  with Project Managers and Customer’s stakeholders.

We believe in comprehensively merging with our customer from Day One. This core belief has helped us strike meaningful relationships with our international clients and partners.

We never make promises we cannot keep, gain trust my meeting customer’s expectations, and, as a result,  enjoy 80% of repeat business, which serves as our rating of customer satisfaction.

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