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Company History

Invento Labs is a privately held company, owned by management and close associates. We are self-funding, we grow Invento carefully, ensuring business continuity in emerging economic environment. We started in 2009, when the entire World was knocked down by financial crisis. In 2011 we had 80% revenue coming from Italy, when recession hit Italian economy. We had major clients in Russia in 2015, when Russian currency devaluated in 2,5 time against U$D literally in a week. However, inspite of unfriendly external factors we are growing our business, always looking for new opportunities, constantly improving ourselves.

2009Company Established!

Company has been established as a private enterprise EuroATS. ATS stands for Automated Telecomunication Systems, and initially company has focused on telecom solutions for mobile and landline phones, as well as mobile computing for different platforms.

First client: Sicuritalia Group Holdings, a EUR 350 M corporate security service provider, with their Sicuritalia Salvo Persona Project/

2010Company joins Belarus High-Tech park

By passing strict government audit and presenting 5-year business plan, EuroATS has been admitted to join Belarus Hi-tech Park. HTP provides unprecedented govermental support to IT companies in Belarus by special taxation and regulation policies.

2012Growing Business... Carefully

Inspite of global financial crisis the company has grown steadily, extending our value proposition and service offering. New customers from Italy, Switzerland, USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Arab Emirates and Russia.

2014Social Computing as Core Competency

Upon extremely successful IPO’s of Facebook and LinkedIN many established and start-up companies turned their attention to social applications. Invento addressed this trend by forming the first competency lab: Social Computing Lab. Invento has been engaged in the development of over 10 relevant projects, from fully-functional social and business networking applications, customer loyalty and social choice systems, to mobile  messaging platforms.

2016New Name, New Vision, Same Team

In 2016 there were major changes in the Company. We have been renamed to reflect innovative nature of our business. We have adopted new competencies like Odoo, Big Data and Business Intelligence, set up Business Analysis team and Project Management Office.  Our revenue exceeded $1M. But we are still a Team of passionates!

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