If candles are lit, it means there is someone who needs it?

Our developers help swedes light candles. today we are talking about a project that can be viewed as being very special.

The thing is that it is extremely important for Swedes that candles be lit at cemeteries on Memorial Day. This tradition is many centuries old. Therefore, they take the ritual of lighting candles very seriously.

It has become harder to observe all conventions nowadays, though. People move, get sick, work. Therefore, in Scandinavia, they have created a mobile application to order the “Light a Candle” service online. The server part was developed by Invento Labs. The system features interconnected lists of companies offering ceremonial services, cemetery data, and a choice of services for the price list, as well as IDs of burials (in Sweden, each grave has its own number). Moreover, a photo can be sent to confirm that the service has been rendered. As soon as payment for the service has been completed via the local Klarna payment system, employees of the respective firms take pictures of candles and send them to customers.

The system is capable of processing more than 10,000 orders and can handle a double load two weeks prior the special day. It is convenient that you can register or log in through social networks. Since there are already so many figures in this paragraph, we will add that the pilot was sent to the customer one month after the start).

The Swedish market tends to be closed for outsourcing. The notorious Swedish manufacturing quality (IKEA, Volvo, SAAB, Scania, Electrolux, Ericsson) implies a strong focus on internal IT expertise. In addition to the “Light a Candle” project, Invento Labs has a few more Swedish projects with unconventional business ideas in its portfolio. We will tell you about them soon!

Right now the Invento Labs team is having a number of meetings in Sweden with prospective customers. Stay tuned for new projects and new stories.

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