Buongiorno, ATOM S.p.A.!

On May 21, the Invento Labs office welcomed dear guests from sunny Italy – representatives of ATOM S.p.A., the global leader in soft and semi-rigid cutting technologies.

ATOM S.p.A. designs, manufactures and distributes cutting systems for industrial applications. Products manufactured by the company include cutting presses, automatic cutting systems, punching systems, water jet systems, knife cutting systems and much more. Such systems are used in industries associated with footwear, leather goods, clothing, packaging, furniture, automotive and aerospace industries, paper processing and composite fiber manufacturing. ATOM S.p.A. is headquartered in Vigevano, Italy, and has offices in China, Brazil, Germany, France and Spain.

Despite the business nature of the meeting, its especially warm atmosphere was notable.

Vitaliy Zhamoidik, Invento Labs project manager:

– In order to increase the appeal of its software for its customers, ATOM S.p.A. has set itself the task of transferring the functionality of 3D rendering, material and product management to a cloud. ATOM currently employs a standard software distribution model including the sale of licenses, and for 3D rendering they use third-party software that is not integrated into their system. Transferring some of the system’s functionality to a cloud will make ATOM S.p.A. software more appealing to customers. At the meeting, we explored the possibility of implementing this approach for our Italian partners. Incidentally, we are already deploying such a solution for ATOM with ELSE corp. at the Proof of Concept phase.

We are certain that our guests enjoyed their trip and we hope to pursue long-term, rewarding cooperation!

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