QA: who can outsource this service

QA: who can outsource this service

Today we want to dive deeper into why Software Testing is needed and why this service can be outsourced.

So, you are planning to bring the market for new software, website, or application. The testing phase will ensure the quality of the product and verify its performance for a faster and better launch. However, you may face several issues: there are no qualified testers in the company or the current team can’t cope with their workload. The question arises: what to do?

You have 2 options:

  1. To engage in recruiting and training new employees to work with your product. Find the right combination of skillset required to complete a project is a laborious task. As a rule, it takes a lot of time and requires certain spending of finances.
  2. To contact an outsourcing IT company.

If the first option is transparent enough, then the second, without the appropriate information, may seem like a leap into the unknown. This leads to a logical question — is outsourcing right for you?

QA Outsourcing is chosen by those who want to:

  • test the software at the stages of its development;
  • reduce costs and not recruit testers;
  • optimize the workload of current employees;
  • receive an independent assessment of a product and recommendations for improving its quality;
  • provide a higher level of security control;
  • devote more time to software development.

“Many companies rely on external experts for the following services: Functional Testing of websites and applications, for example, the organization of personnel work or the collection of statistical data. Mobile App Testing, Load Testing, Game Testing, Performance and Security Testing, Usability and Cross Browser Testing, User Interface Testing, and Full Cycle Testing.”


Why may you be worried about ordering QA Outsourcing?

Quality, speed, and cost are the main criteria in this matter. A qualified dedicated team will conduct full-scale testing, whose main goal is to prevent defects and ensure the high quality of the product to cover these customer needs.

What can be tested?

Systems and platforms, Mobile and Web applications, Cloud Software, Embedded systems, and Blockchain solutions.

The main thing in QA is that the product must be ready to meet the consumer.

How will QA help your product?

It doesn't matter if it's a start-up or a large business specializing in a narrow field — cooperation with an outsourcing company begins with an assessment of the quality assurance process. Then — there are the stages of planning and testing. The next step is to introduce the improvements and provide detailed technical documentation.

What are the benefits of QA Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is not only about saving costs. If you don’t have relevant specialists among your staff, then outsourcing is also a fresh look from the outside and an unbiased opinion on ​​the product: when your team has been working on the same project for weeks or even months, it becomes increasingly difficult to find your own mistakes.

3 reasons to outsource QA:

  1. Your internal team lacks experience, skills, and resources.
  2. You need to meet a tight deadline. Flexible workload planning of specialists in outsourcing companies and their expertise will allow you to get quick results without sacrificing quality.
  3. This is a short-term project, and it makes no sense to recruit a large team and purchase equipment if the project lasts only a few weeks before launch.

It is important to bear in mind that outsourcing is not suitable for all companies. Before making such a decision, you should analyze the specifics and size of your project, then pay attention to the qualifications of employees and the specialization of the company.

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