Odoo ERP From A Business Perspective

Nowadays, there are lots of applications, covering practically every business need. Billing, marketing, shipping, time tracking - it’s hard to keep it all in one's head, let alone manage them. Lack of transparency, difficulties with keeping track of the finances and reporting, little understanding of employees’ activity, etc. seem to be common issues for many companies, striving to optimize their processes and make decisions on the current relevant data. This is when the ERP comes in.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a complex system that encompasses all the aspects of managing a company from supply chain and sales management to commerce, human resource management tasks, and manufacturing. Have trouble coordinating it all? ERP solution is the best choice for you, allowing to have everything in one place.

Still, we consider the Odoo ERP system the best, and let’s see why:


5 Reasons why you need to choose Odoo ERP for your business

1. Modules for every need.

Odoo ERP software is unique in its modular structure that caters to any need you may potentially have. More than 2500 modules and 35,000 apps are ready to be used for the benefit of your business: HR, marketing, project management, or more specific ones like fleet management or retail inventory management. You are not sure whether you need a module right now? Don’t worry, it can be added to your Odoo ERP system later!

2. Easy customization

Odoo is an open source software that encourages the implementation of additional features and extensions. Thanks to a large Odoo community, new modules appear with a stable regularity, where you do not adapt a business to fit the ERP, but the ERP adapts to fit your business. All your add-ons like accounting, billing, etc. no longer have to be on different sources as Odoo centralizes everything in one place.

3. Integration with your favorite apps

You’ve got used to an app and don’t want to switch to another? No problem, Odoo ERP supports integration with hundreds of business applications: Shopify, WooCommerce, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and many others! Additionally, having Odoo as your ERP prevents you from being locked in by a vendor or, in other words, being stuck with a product with little possibility to migrate your data and switch to alternatives because of the vendor’s restrictions or limitations. Flexibility and adaptation to any specific need are key Odoo principles.

4. Low price with no need to purchase a license

Odoo ERP’s open source basis means that, although there are different plans for different needs, the general Odoo Community edition is completely free. Once choosing to install it, you will only have to pay for the setup and modules you would like to add. Having no license fees opens more doors for customization and upgrade of your own business.

5. No limits for company size or industry

Another benefit of Odoo ERP is its friendliness towards businesses of every size and shape. Its easy customization fits manufacturing, R&D, retailers, hotels, restaurants, and many more, as each ERP comprises of different components aimed at specific types of businesses.


Invento Labs is a certified Odoo partner, providing implementation and customization services for more than 7 years. To ensure full compliance with business requirements, our business analytics will assess every aspect of your business to prevent unnecessary spending and consult on the customization, beneficial for your company. Maintenance, support, and user training are also the services we provide to secure the performance of the system and to maximize the benefit received by the end-user.

You can read our case studies on Odoo ERP implementation here.

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