Development of a user account in a short time

The Customer

A provider of high-speed data transmission services to address tasks of any class – from the organization of high-speed Internet access to the development of major corporate networks with access to the Internet via high-speed dedicated channels.

The challenge

The project was developed for the 2nd European Games 2019. As part of that event, it was planned that the Student Village located in Dzerzhinsky Avenue in Minsk would become home to athletes, teams, support staff and fans. To ensure Internet access, the customer had the entire area of the Student Village covered with Wi-Fi. It was planned that after the Games the technology would be used by students. For the convenience of connection and further use of the technology, as well as for the effective management of service packages, the project envisaged the creation of personal user account functionality. The account was supposed to enable a user to register, choose a tariff, make payments, as well as to track and manage the connected service.

The project was complicated by the following factors: 

  • Tight schedule. Laying of communications was scheduled for September 2018, but substantive conversations on project development started as late as July;
  • Incomplete project concept;
  • The project team included specialists from three different companies. Even before the contract was signed between the two parties, the project team started working on a detailed concept. In addition to technical specialists and business analysts, the team comprised marketing specialists, a sales manager, a customer service manager and a designer.

One of the strategic goals of the customer was the transition to a new billing system, whose architecture was developed in parallel with the project to launch personal user account functionality. Because the new billing system was expected to be deployed at a later phase, Invento Labs specialists were supposed to implement the user account portion of the project so that it could be viewed as an individual solution that could be easily integrated with both the old and the new billing system.

Furthermore, the billing system version used by the customer did not support personal data storage functionality, which is required in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The solution

To ensure the possibility of further independent support of the product, the customer insisted on the implementation of the project using the .Net software platform. At the time of project implementation, Invento Labs had a limited number of .Net specialists on its staff, who had been assigned to another, larger project. Nevertheless, we were able to find the necessary resources and meet the customer’s requirements.

In order to establish effective engagement within the mixed team, the project leaders made strenuous efforts to create the necessary communication channels as well as to ensure transparency of business analysis and development processes.

To ensure client’s personal data storage, it was decided to use additional personal account functionality. This way, personal accounts could be used with the existing billing system.

In addition to the developed product, Invento Labs specialists compiled the necessary user and technical documentation for the customer to use and maintain the product regardless of the level of initial training of its specialists.

The following technologies were used to implement the solution: .netCore, vuejs, sccs, MySQL. It took three months to complete the project.

The result

The technological solution was developed in compliance with the customer’s preferences on the agreed technology stack and was accompanied by the necessary documentation.

The project leaders managed to establish effective interaction within the mixed project team. As a result, personal user account functionality was successfully deployed within a short period of time and amid high uncertainty.

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