Development of road marking management system on the basis of Odoo

The Customer

The Customer of the project is a diversified group of companies whose main business is the production of machines, equipment, and materials for road marking.

Project implementation period: 6 months.

The Invento Labs team has previously collaborated with the Customer when developing a BI system, so the next joint project was the development of an ERP system for the production process cycle. After the successful implementation of the second project, the new solution was put into trial operation.

After 6 months, the Customer contacted us again to finalize the system.

The problem

The Customer's company is a supplier of materials and equipment for road marking in more than 10 countries, so the inability to monitor the teams’ activities and the consumption of materials in real time was their main problem.

For effective work, it was necessary to monitor the quality of the work performed by the teams (and their actual presence at the required site), meet the deadlines, monitor the consumption of fuel and materials in warehouses, and also prevent theft and resale of these materials.

For online analysis of the teams' performance in various regions and countries, the Customer used reporting in the BI system. Delayed in time analytics and the insufficient quality of incoming data negatively affected the generation of reports and the speed of making managerial decisions, which subsequently reduced the satisfaction of end-users from using this tool as a whole.

The goal of the project was to improve the web and develop mobile applications (with the option of working offline) to manage the road marking process. The Customer wanted the new solution to be responsible for:

  • automated calculation of the contract;
  • control of materials and fuel consumption;
  • transparent managerial accounting of workloads and human resources;
  • GPS monitoring of the road marking application process.

The Customer also considered the possibility of using the system for commercial purposes, providing its functionality as a service for other similar companies. In this regard, special attention was paid to the issues of application operation under heavy workload and the possibility of a cloud solution.

Adding new functionality to the Road Marking Management system (RMM) and ensuring high performance of the system became the key objectives of the project.

The solution

After a business analysis, Invento Labs specialists made a decision to modernize individual architectural solutions and subsequently add the necessary functionality to solve the Customer's urgent problems.

Taking into account modern requirements for software development, our team decided to develop a web application based on the Odoo 12 platform. Previously, we have already implemented a pilot project for the Customer aimed at automating the technological cycle of an enterprise on the same platform.

It was important to make it possible to calculate several versions of the contract for the performance of work, as well as to make this process more transparent, faster, and precise.

For the optimal calculation of the contract, it was necessary to compile the information on the logistics of finding materials in warehouses, taking into account their availability, remoteness/proximity to the teams, the cost of consumables, and overhead costs. Additionally, it was necessary to also consider the optimal selection of a group of paints, glass beads, and other materials, depending on the requirements for marking, region, weather conditions, and other factors.

Our specialists also developed a mobile application on the Android platform to provide foremen with a tool to keep a prompt record of the actual work performed online and offline. Given that the location of some teams was in hard-to-reach areas, it was essential to implement the opportunity to enter and use the system data even in the absence of the Internet.

As part of the project, Wialon (software platform with a web interface for satellite monitoring of transport) and Odoo (ERP system) systems were integrated.

The result

As a result of the development, a road marking process control system was presented, containing the functions necessary and sufficient to achieve the Customer's business goals.

With the introduction of new applications, the collection and quality of data collected have improved significantly, while the visibility of reports helped to make strategically important decisions.

Thanks to the development of web and mobile applications, the Customer was able to:

  • significantly reduce general and overhead costs, increase business profitability by optimizing processes, logistics, and control;
  • reduce production downtime;
  • automate the calculation of contracts for road marking services;
  • increase the efficiency and quality of reporting for making management decisions;
  • control the consumption of materials and the activities of teams as a whole;
  • get the opportunity to use the developed solution as an independent product for commercial purposes;
  • carry out GPS monitoring of the road marking application process;
  • make the business measurable, thanks to the ability to operate in BI with the accumulated data from the RMM system.

The RMM system was put into commercial exploitation in 2020 and continues to function successfully and develop through the joint efforts of the Customer's IT team and Invento Labs specialists.

The system also proved to be excellent in the conditions of lockdown and restrictive measures, since control and management of remote teams in different countries were not lost.

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