How to reduce the workload on accounting by 2 times?

The Customer

A leader among legal information companies in Eastern Europe. Today the company provides information services to more than 85,000 users. The company employs over 900 employees.

The problem

The Customer's company, being a monopolist in the market of its services, was looking for opportunities to grow their business through the introduction of new services to its customers.

One of the main consumers of the Customer’s services is accounting, and the new service was supposed to bring tangible value to this audience.

Additionally, the Customer had a request to optimize the work of its accounting department, so they could recognize a huge array of invoices, and form accounting entries.

The Customer did not have a goal to optimize the accounting staff, but it was important to reduce the routine burden on accountants for them to have more time for analytical work.

The solution

At first, the products already available on the market were analyzed.

Work Fusion was chosen as a solution.

The pilot project lasted ~ 6 months. Later, together with the Customer, it was decided that Work Fusion is not flexible enough for the Customer’s purposes, since:

  • Work Fusion is built on the Enterprise model,
  • The cost of its adaptation is prohibitive and it is not worth continuing to invest further in the chosen solution.

The experience gained while working with Work Fusion allowed us to offer the Customer a creation of a separate completely new product that would be able to solve the assigned tasks. As a result, we developed the QuAnt RPA platform.

The following product features were implemented upon Customer’s request:

  • Transfer of data from one system to another;
  • Checking information for its correctness;
  • Filling in the screen forms of the bank client;
  • Opportunity to work with data in Excel, its subsequent copying and conversion;
  • Reports and documentation preparation.
The result
  • Reduced workload for the accounting department up to 2 times.
  • Increased speed of invoice processing by several times.
  • Flexible response to the changes of external conditions (for example, legislation) without the need for programmers' intervention. The system updates the information automatically.
  • Possibility for accountants to carry out the analytical work.
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