Launch of a branded cloud platform

The Customer

One of the biggest European providers of telecommunication, information technology, and content services.

The problem

The Customer commissioned a new data center. One of the it’s tasks was to provide computing power to corporate clients. To implement this service, the Customer decided to purchase the Exoscale product - a cloud platform based on open source technology, used to visualize management and provide services to corporate clients. This product is famous for being used to service the computing power of the Large Hadron Collider, located on the border of France and Switzerland.

During the project, Invento Labs specialists had two goals:

  • Product deployment together with the Customer's specialists and Exoscale developers at the Customer's facilities with subsequent technical support;
  • Portal adaptation for the end user under the Customer's branding, having taken into account the corporate policy and the services provided.

Project difficulties:

  • Lack of the product’s technical documentation;
  • Ensuring the compatibility of modified software for the Customer with the product Exoscale main development branch;
  • Tight deadlines: according to the business plan of the project, it should have been implemented within a month and a half since its beginning.
The solution

Invento Labs’ system engineers together with a team from the Customer's side carried out the deployment of the platform. Information support for the product deployment was provided by representatives of the owners of the software product.

Invento Labs' team collected and processed information from various Customer departments: marketing, sales, engineering department. The formalized and approved requirements allowed Invento Labs’ engineers to develop customization and refinement of the portal’s front-end and back-end in the shortest possible time.

The result

During the implementation phase of the project, we achieved the following results:

  • In a short period of time, we deployed, tested, and launched a branded cloud platform that met all the standards of the Customer;
  • Several proven open-source technologies - KVM, CloudStack, Kubernetes, Cassandra, Puppet, Docker - were used to implement the public cloud service (Infrastructure as a Service, IAAS);
  • Support and development of the platform were carried out using the practices of CI, CD, IaaC.
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