Launch of a web portal for the company's entry into the B2C market

This case is about how we helped our Customer — a logistics center — find their end-users with a need to store material assets away from home.

The Customer

The Customer is a logistics company that provides a range of storage and cargo handling services and is partnered with major retailers.

Previously, the Customer operated exclusively in the B2B market. To scale their business and reach a new audience segment, the company decided to introduce a new service to the B2C market.

Project implementation period: 9 months.

The goal

The business goal of the Customer — to expand the business.
The goal of the project — to create a web portal to provide a full range of storage services for the individuals.

The Customer provides their users with the opportunity to deposit tires and bicycles, clothes and shoes, household appliances, and seasonal goods. The scheme of work is as follows: the user orders a service, the company's specialists arrive at the destinated place, pack the goods, pick them up and take to the warehouse for further storage.

“Pass the cargo and exhale: the issue is resolved”


The tasks that we have set to achieve the goal of the project:

  1. To create a customer portal where users can submit and manage applications.
  2. To supplement the portal with an app that will allow the Customer's employees to work with end-users and provide quality service.
  3. To integrate the created solution with other Сustomer’s services to reduce labor costs and time for data transfer.
  4. To connect the portal to online payments.
The solution

At the stage of business analysis, we identified the needs of both the Customer and end-users; clarified the requirements for the future interface. Next, we started developing an Internet portal to provide the users with the ability to draw up a contract and pay for the service in a personal user account, thanks to the integration with webpay.

By the time the project was implemented, the Customer was already working with the Odoo platform, which we had successfully implemented beforehand to automate the company's internal business processes. To ensure the work of employees, the Customer preferred to develop a CRM system on the same platform, with the principles of which they were already familiar.

At the request of the Customer, we wrote a detailed accompanying documentation. Its presence allows full-time DevOps engineers to independently maintain the new system.

The result

During the project, Invento Labs specialists developed a client portal and an app that met all the main needs of the Customer in their work with users.

Now the Customer can manage customer relations in the application, namely see the history of all requests and payment statuses, process applications for storage, and requests for the issue of material assets.

Benefits received by the Customer:

  • Diversification of the company's business:
    • launch of a new service;
    • entry into a new market segment;
    • attraction of new clients.
  • An additional source of income.
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