Odoo ERP implementation

The Customer

A legal information distribution company.

The challenge

The customer had two CRM-systems in place –one for active sales unit and one for the customer service unit employees. Both had been developed and maintained by one IT-specialist for 15 years. When the customer realized that the existing CRM systems were not enough, the company’s management decided to implement a cutting edge technological solution – an ERP system. Invento Labs served as the development partner.

The solution

Invento Labs specialists analyzed the customer’s business processes and identified the following requirements for the solution:

  • Possibility to adapt the ERP-system to all of the customer’s business processes;
  • Implementation speed;
  • Possibility of integration with other systems and software;
  • Affordable price.

Given the above features, our specialists suggested implementing the Odoo ERP system, which meets all of the requirements.

During implementation, Invento Labs specialists faced a few issues arising from the nature of the customer’s business:

  • Inquiry processing peculiarities

It takes time to analyze a specific situation in order to give the right advice on how to apply the law. Simplifying the submission process may cause the loss of important details and user errors.

  • Unwillingness of employees to embrace innovations

Many employees were psychologically unprepared for rapid change, which significantly slowed down training to use the new system.

  • Disparities between the customer and the developer

The initial mismatch between the customer’s expectations and ideas about the system being put in place, the difficulty in formulating requirements for the system called for additional time to deal with the misunderstanding.

These issues were successfully resolved through regular engagement between Invento Labs specialists and the customer’s representatives. Building on the experience gained in addressing the above problems, the second CRM system implementation phase, targeting service unit specialists, was completed faster and more effectively.

To solve the user adaptation issue, Invento Labs analysts deeply immersed in the customer’s business processes and studied scenarios of users’ daily activities in the old CRM system. The information they received was used to improve the system that was being implemented.

The result

In the course of the project, a full-scale ERP system was developed and implemented to meet the customer’s basic needs. The first stage was the implementation of the CRM module for sales and customer service specialists. It was followed by the phase envisaging system debugging and setup. Later, a customer requests processing service was added, along with the user activity monitoring service, full-scale document management, as well as integration with 1C and synchronization with the customer’s portal.

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