The volume of corporate data is growing. How can you avoid the increase in storage costs?

The Customer

One of the largest providers of mobile services, online TV, and mobile payment solutions in Europe.

To work with corporate data, the Client used the Apache Hive storage system based on the Hadoop platform (this is proprietary software).

Project implementation period: 6 months.

The problem

The Customer contacted us with a widespread problem. The volume of the company's data is constantly growing and the need for its placement implies an increase in the cost of using storage for the following reasons:

  1. It is necessary to purchase new equipment for storing new data.
  2. The Client has to pay annually for the Apache Hive (Hadoop) license.
  3. The increase in the number of equipment used increases operating costs.

The goal of the project was to provide the opportunity to accumulate new data and store the historical data without having to degrade storage performance and increase the cost of ownership.

The tasks that we have set to achieve the goal of the project:

  1. To create a new corporate data warehouse.
  2. To provide connection to the primary sources, as well as ensure the collection and transformation of data in accordance with business logic.
  3. To migrate the original and accumulate the primary data for the correct operation of business users.
  4. To train the specialists of the customer company to work with the new solution and transfer the necessary technical documentation for the project.
The solution

At the time of the start of the project, the volume of data was about 260 TB, while the estimated volume of information by the end of the 1st year was expected to be 338 TB, which would have required an increase in server capacities and the purchase of additional Hive licenses.

Our experts suggested the Customer to replace the current software solution with an alternative one — the Greenplum distributed database. The proposed solution eliminated a number of problems and provided additional benefits.

When approaching the final stage of the project, Invento Labs specialists took on the responsibility to train the technical specialists of the client company to work with a new solution, and after that handed over the necessary documentation. It allowed the Client to reduce the cost of the employee onboarding process and immerse the current ones in the new technology.

The result

As a result of the project, the Client was able to:

  1. Get a new solution for the accumulation and storage of corporate data that is not inferior to the previous one in performance, fault tolerance, and security.
  2. Ensure that business users have a smooth experience with corporate data.
  3. Reduce the cost of storage ownership due to the absence of mandatory license fees. Using Hadoop, companies pay on average from $1000 to $2000 for 1 TB of stored data. At the beginning of the project, the storage capacity was about 260 TB. In fact, the annual data growth was expected to be 30%.
  4. Independently maintain the storage, as our specialists prepared a technical support team on the Customer's side and handed over the necessary documentation for training new employees.
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