Our team

The Invento Labs team thanks you for choosing our company!

We strive to constantly improve the professionalism of our employees and provide top-notch services and IT solutions to our customers.

Our company’s most valuable asset is the people who work with us. Effective teamwork contributes to new achievements, helps us conquer new heights, allows us to think big and address complex unconventional problems.

Rest assured that our employees are committed to do their best to make sure you are always satisfied with the high quality of outsourced IT services.

Invento Labs Management Team

Invento Labs takes special pride in our strong management team, which has vast experience and reputation for being reliable professionals in the IT sector.

Our team consists of talented people, who share their goals, values and even dreams. We care not only about creating a quality product, but also about trust relationships within each project team.

Sergey Pateyuk
Andrey Kureichyk
Vladislav Rybaltovsky
Deputy Director for Production
Darya Kasperova
Deputy Director of Business Development
Vladimir Lopato
Deputy Director for IT
Eugene Shishkov
Deputy Director for Sales