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Boungiorno, ATOM S.p.A.!
May 29, 2019

Boungiorno, ATOM S.p.A.!

Invento Labs office met guests from sunny Italy: the world leader in the field of soft and semi-rigid cutting technologies ATOM S.p.A. came to us.

As always, fashion drives progress and technology, confirming the innovativeness of this domain at all times. The best and most advanced technologies find applications in the fashion industry.
Invento Labs is completing a PoC Project Phase for companies engaged in modeling, designing, manufacturing and selling shoes.

Currently, ATOM and its partners are working to increase the attractiveness and performance of their software for customers and clients.
At the present stage, it is most efficient to do this by developing and using functional components such as 3D Rendering, Materials management, Product management and others in a multi-service architecture, alongside with adaptation of the solution to be used in the cloud.

As of now the Software is used in the traditional paradigm, selling licenses to use the product. For 3D rendering, a solution from a third party vendor is utilized which is not integrated into a company’s system.
Therefore, the transition / transfer of a certain part of the functionality to cloud (SaaS) seems to be strategically important, modern and timely, an innovation edge which will increase the attractiveness of Atom / Shoemaster software for Customers, both in production and as the final market place solution. This was the basis for discussing the implementation of this approach by Invento Labs for ATOM S.p.A based on the results of Proof of Concept, made by Invento for ATOM together with Else Corp.

We are sure that our guests have pleasant impressions from the trip and hope for a long-term cooperation!