Invento Labs is a team of experts developing and implementing IT solutions based on open source. Our 10 year-experience enables either to develop novel projects from scratch or develop and support your existing processes. We can assess the current state of the project as well as develop a strategy to optimize it, select necessary platforms and tools, be engaged in the project implementation and its maintenance and training your employees. We really make a go of it! We have a large number of partners worldwide in various sectors. A proven track record of cooperation is a guarantee of flexible and responsible approach to Your project.

10 years on the market

HTP resident since 2010

100+ employees

6 development labs

Why Invento Labs? You can always count on us in business!

  •  We will quickly perform effective technical and fundamental financial analysis of the entire data in your company;
  •  We will offer and implement the most productive and marketable ideas to optimize and improve business efficiency;
  •  We will integrate new technical developments with current provision software;
  •  We will provide technical support for new business processes, as well as training of Your employees;
  •  We will upgrade Your business by applying the latest IT-technologies.

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