ERP/CRM business process automation

We will install and integrate CRM / ERP open source solutions that enable to pool together scattered data, automate business processes of any complexity and obtain all necessary analytical reports which will result in clarity, transparency of business control, as well as the release of human and financial resources to improve the efficiency of your enterprise.

Big data. Building Database repositories and their analysis (BI / DWH)

Does your organization deal with loads of data stored in different systems, archives and local files, in external and even open sources? Is access to the data not consolidated, but data difficult to analyze? If this occurs, business performance review can be difficult to do. We are eager to develop an individual solution for data storage and analysis taking into account the specifics of your business.

Automation of business processes in production (MES / PLM)

We are ready to conduct IT-consulting of your company, assess the current state of automation, offer and make optimal solution for the effective functioning of all technological cycles based on ERP, MES/PLM, SCADA systems.

Cloud Solutions

We offer the development of scalable cloud-based solutions, their implementation and support meeting individual needs of your business. Move your data to the cloud and develop new solutions in a secure virtual environment!

Robotic process automation in business (AI/ML/RPA/SPA)

One of the rapidly developing Laboratories in our company is the study and implementation of all the capabilities of software robotics (RPA) along with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Using these technologies will bring your business to a new level of operational efficiency, and by transferring many tasks to robots, employees will have additional time to deal with other activities.

IT-architecture (WEB/Portal Solutions/ Integration)

The success of almost any modern company depends on information technologies, their flexibility and compliance with the goals and objectives of the business. We will contribute to developing or updating the IT strategy of your company and do our best to build a flexible and reliable software architecture.

Our Services

IT Consulting

We will do a thorough monitoring of IT-infrastructure and solutions of your business, develop and provide further recommendations for the company’s development.

Management consulting

We keep up with the requirements of the modern market and expand the scope of our competence. Now we can offer you a full range of services in financial and economic management. Together with leading consultants in the field of Finance and Economics, we will work on building the business logic of your company from making initial offering, business needs and methods of building KPIs to their implementation in the form of a technical / software solution and further support of this product.

Business analytics (BA)

The presence of experienced business analysts in our project teams allows us to form clear requirements for the software product at its start, identify individual needs and offer effective solutions that benefit Your business. Analysis will help to avoid alterations and improvements, which significantly saves money and time.

Software Development Outsourcing

Delegate us to address any issues related to the development, implementation and maintenance of your information systems. We will form an expert team to solve your problems effectively and meet your needs.

Quality Assurance Outsourcing (QA)

Our QA team has extensive experience with a wide range of tools and techniques, including automated testing, and we do know what approach to choose to achieve the best results in ensuring software quality in your project.

Technical Support (DevOps)

Our QA team has extensive experience with a wide range of tools and techniques, including automated testing, and we do know what approach to choose to achieve the best results in ensuring software quality in your project.


We will make sure that every employee of Your company is stress-free and starts working with new software products as quickly as possible. We are eager not only to include company’s employees into the project development team, but also prepare comprehensive technical documentation with exceptionally clear instructions, based on which your specialists will be able to use, maintain and develop the product in the future.

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