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How to make team work more effective? We are looking for answers
Jul 23, 2018

How to make team work more effective? We are looking for answers

Our team is the main asset of Invento labs. We managed to bring together bright professionals and set up good internal relations. However, we have
recently noticed some growth areas in working with our teammates. To correct all the shortcomings, we launched HR-quarter which will last
from July to September 2018. Our management team generated 33 ideas to improve the work with the staff in our company.

Of course, this is a significant amount of developments. It cannot be implemented only by HR-managers. Therefore, each of the top managers
picked out one (or more) undertakings, which seemed close to them and corresponded to their proficiency. During the quarter, we will automate internal HR processes and document management, set up a corporate University as well as review the performance evaluation policy. In addition, we have many other initiatives to test in process. It can be assumed that some ideas will be met with particular great enthusiasm. This especially concerns networking on Fridays or office masseuse at work.

Other proposals may be stuck at the outset if there aren’t any “drivers” among our staff to support them. This way our team will be able to choose
today’s most demanding transformations in the company. We are strongly against introducing and implementing new changes by force. This method
does more harm rather than good. We will keep you posted on the latest changes in our company. We are sure that this experience will be useful for
other companies as well.