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Invento Labs to sponsor an Innovations projects contest
May 25, 2018

Invento Labs to sponsor an Innovations projects contest

CEO of Invento Labs Nadezhda Ruchanova has been a member of jury, for the national selection of most promising projectsfor the International contest “Euro-Asian Digital Platform”.
The group of experts awarded 4 innovative projects: a digital system for the early diagnosis of lung diseases “Easy breathing”, a solution for simplifying export-import payments and attracting financing “Eurasian factoring platform”, the certification system for goods, services, processes “SertChain” and the project “PR Education”, designed to help children form a stable habit of the learning process.
Additionally, selected project recieved special certificates from Invento, enabling them to do major enhancements of their products for free with Invento Labs.
“We hope for successful cooperation with the teams of these projects and thank the organizers of the competition for the opportunity to work in the jury. Selecting the most promising projects among dozens of innovative systems was not easy, and this contest demonstrated that Belarusian software engineers produce top-notch, world-class software products”,- said Mrs Ruchanova of Invento Labs.