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Inventolabs sponsors children programmer contest team
Dec 14, 2015

Inventolabs sponsors children programmer contest team

Inventolabs supports the programming contestants from the local city of Mozyr, Belarus.

Mozyr city, situated in the south of Belarus close to Chernobyl Nuclear Power station, has seriously suffered from the nuclear contamination. As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, Inventolabs has been supporting after-school programming courses, that provide free training in Informatics and Algorythmic to higher school students.
The team has recently participated in an Open Olympiad in Informatics in Saint Petersbug, Russia, where they were rewarded with the 2nd grade diploma out of 200 participating teams from Eastern Europe involved.

“The spirit of “Giving” is a part of human nature. We want to support young people from Chernobyl zone by helping them acquire highly-demanded software engineering skills. we believe that with our aid they will be able to pave the way to better future and become real professionals, saught after in many countries around the world”,– siad Maxim Basharin, Managing Director of Inventolabs