CRM is software designed for the automation of relationships between businesses and customers. 

With CRM, employees make fewer mistakes, and it is easier for executives to make managerial decisions based on the data available.

CRM capabilities:
  • Sales planning;
  • Maintaining the entire transaction cycle, from offers to shipments;
  • Provision of visual analytics;
  • Integration with communication channels: mail, telephony, electronic mailing, etc.;
  • Employee KPI monitoring;
  • Project management;
  • History of engagement with each customer.
Our CRM services:
  • Consulting and preliminary analysis;
  • CRM system development tailored to individual needs of your business;
  • Integration and implementation of a CRM solution.
Our CRM services:
Your benefits from the implementation of CRM:
  • Process automation;
  • Transparency of your employees’ work;
  • Predictable sales forecasts based on clear analysis;
  • Improved customer service;
  • Increased repeat sales;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Detection of bottlenecks in business processes.
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