Invento Labs has developed QuAnt, its proprietary RPA solution for automating business processes. 

What is QuAnt RPA?
What is QuAnt RPA?

The QuAnt RPA platform is an open-source product developed for workflow automation, which stands out among other RPA systems due to the ease and speed of its deployment, adaptability and compatibility with various infrastructures.

The QuAnt RPA platform deals with a large number of same-type operations promptly and with no errors, which enables you to increase productivity of your business processes while cutting operating costs.

To solve specific business problems, you can use either applications already developed on the basis of the QuAnt platform with minimal adaptation for the Client (for example, an application for processing waybills, an application for monitoring Internet resources, etc.), or order completely new applications.

Quant RPA platform will become your valuable assistant in the following areas:
  • Accounting and finance. Month-end close accounting operations, processing of travel and hospitality expenses, loan documents reconciliation, reconciliation of accounts, uploading and processing of data on employees and contractors, filling in and sending of payment documents, etc.
  • Sales. Working with customer base, filling in and updating CRM/ERP data, order data extraction, sending of invoices, collection of sales data, drawing up and submission of reports, competitor price parsing, tabulation and monitoring of changes, etc.
  • Marketing. Automated web search of information about prospective customers and competitors, extraction of sales and marketing data from various sources and formats, search and creation of lead databases, consistent work with lead data, etc.
  • Analytics. Fast collection and processing of large volumes of data, including from unrelated systems, preparation and submission of reports.
  • IT. Aggregation, validation and addition of data and content, including multiplatform search, batch processing, backup and recovery, data-based monitoring and reporting, file and document management (synchronization, deletion and relocation of documents), creation, updating and deletion of accounts, management of user settings, uploading and downloading via FTP, data migration, etc.
  • HR. Parsing of CVs from job aggregator sites and entering them into the database, checking application forms from applicants and data transfer into the database, creation of new employee profiles, creation of new employee technical support requests, management of costs and business trips, etc
  • Logistics and procurement. Collection and processing of procurement requests, filling in data in tables, creation of orders, planning and tracking of shipments, etc.
Benefits of QuAnt implementation
  • Reducing the cost of routine work processes;
  • Increasing employee productivity;
  • Minimization the number of errors caused by the human factor;
  • Saving the company's budget and increasing profits.
" Web Monitoring ": an Application for Internet resources monitoring

Is the efficiency of your business closely related to the prompt receipt of relevant information?

Keep track of information changes on sites you are interested in, with instant update notification, without any api and other integrations! Now it is possible with an RPA application Web Monitoring!

Web Monitoring is an RPA website monitoring application that allows you to analyze different web-pages with one click. This tool provides email notification to a specified list of recipients when changes are detected.

Your benefits with the implementation of Web Monitoring:

  • Reduce the time spentchecking for updates on monitored Internet resources by at least 10 times!
  • Reduce the chance of error when monitoring with our application to zero!
  • Configure the list of recipients of notifications for each list of monitored resources!
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