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Invento Labs to tier up with Velcom LLC, Telecom Austria Group
Aug 15, 2018

Invento Labs to tier up with Velcom LLC, Telecom Austria Group

We entered into a cooperation agreement with Velcom in which we will develop and implement specialized software products. We hope that our cooperation will be long-term and productive. This project is a serious professional challenge for us and we are very pleased with the opportunity to work together.

We also asked Denis Filazafovich, Deputy Director for Business Services and Cloud Services of Velcom, why they decided to involve outsourcers for development:

– It is difficult and expensive to find your own specialists for solving some tasks and to be able to profit from them. We decided that it would more effective to work with a company which already has necessary competencies. We chose Invento Labs because you have a good reputation on the Belarusian market for a long time, – said the top-manager.

Denis also remembered our participation in the hackathon for Tech for Life. At that time our company solved the task of counting the forest during logging and showed themselves as a united team of enthusiasts. And the prospect of long-term cooperation with Velcom only adds to our enthusiasm!