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Odoo-enabled Business Transformation

In 2015 Jurspectr, a leading supplier of legal and accounting information in Belarus with over 1100 employees and 135 000 customers nation-wide, faced with a major decision to replace failing out-of-date legacy business applications with an end-to-end ERP system. In addition their technical strategy was to migrate from standalone PC-based customer applications to an on-line customer portal to reduce operating costs and introduce more flexible information delivery and pricing model. After reviewing several leading ERP solutions Jurspectr came to the conclusion that each package required major customization to meet their unique requirements.

Visualize goals through POC

The winning solution was to customize Odoo ERP to meet Jurspectr’s business needs. The final decision came after Invento presented Jurspectr with a rapidly created proof-of-concept system built to visually communicate Odoo functional and customization capabilities. This POC has been further used for in-depth business analysis and requirements definition.

“Small steps, fast win” approach

The project has started in September 2015 and by March 2016 first version of ERP has been delivered and went to user trials. This release included deeply customized CRM and Project Tracking apps, as well as a Business Administration module, built from scratch. Partners continue to move along the implementation roadmap towards the end-to-end e-business system, constantly adding value to Jurspectr’s front and back offices.

“Having learned a lot about ERP implementation horror shows, I was prepared to the worst case. However, Inventolabs have proved their ability to set the right expectations and to deliver on time and within budget. Invento members teamed up with our staff, learned our business and now we fully rely on them for all IT-related matters.” – said Andrey Yakhnovets, General Manager of Jurspectr

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  • 220141, Kuprevicha Str. 1, block 1, Suite 923a, Minsk, Belarus

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