Business Analysis (BA)

As a rule, the customer does not have any special technical requirements for the future project, the main priorities being a clearly formulated idea from the business point of view and a description of the anticipated result.

However, in order to effectively implement the project and ensure your market competitiveness, you need a strategic approach with a deep understanding of all development processes.

Invento Labs offers business analysis services from the IT point of view, helping customers and product owners to competently formulate business requirements and reduce the risk of having to go through additional approvals and finalizations.

Who are business analysts?

Business analysts serve as a link between the customer and the development team: they translate the customer’s requirements into the “technical” parlance that developers use, thereby creating a product that meets all of their customer’s expectations.

Since each business is unique, we study the ideas of our customers in detail and offer the best ways to achieve its goals using proven flexible development methodologies.

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What is the value of usiness business analysis for your company?
  • Accurate assessment of product development and testing jobs;
  • Definition of business objectives and desired result;
  • Formulation of product requirements and documentation;
  • Creation of a working product with maximum value on a timely basis and within a customer’s budget.
Business analysis services provided by Invento Labs:
  • Identification, analysis and documentation of requirements. If you already have a precise list of software requirements, our BAs can analyze them to offer technologies and solutions that meet your expectations. Our experts will find out how your system’s internal processes should work and how its components shall interact with each other.
  • Analysis of the current state of business processes and modelling of future dynamics. At this stage, our experts dive deep into your business processes and study the specific nature of your company to understand and find the best solutions to optimize and automate your workflow.
  • Expert review of design and technical documentation, testing of requirements. When all requirements are defined, you need to set priorities, document them with detailed descriptions and test them.
  • Consultation throughout the project. Business analysts at Invento Labs advise clients at any stage of the development process– from gathering software requirements to project release.
  • Creation of static and dynamic prototypes of user interface. At this stage, we develop the first prototype to check and have the customer approve the way the product will work or identify what finalizations are needed to improve it.
  • Preparation of detailed instructions. When a project is in its completion phase, our experts provide customers with specially prepared manuals that contain precise descriptions and instructions on how to use the product.
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