No state-of-the-art applications can do without DevOps today. Invento Labs experts will help your company build an architecture and develop an environment for Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration (CI/CD).

We have amassed vast experience in this area and established an individual department offering DevOps services as both part of the software development and testing package and a separate service. Invento Labs specialists are eager to share their expertise and will be happy to help your projects succeed!


What is DevOps?

The term DevOps was coined by merging two areas – software development and operations. This methodology emphasizes the engagement and joint effort of software developers and IT specialists. We are convinced that by following the DevOps methodology and using business process automation tools, a team can produce a more reliable and higher quality software solution in a shorter time than by using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

A DevOps engineer synchronizes and automates business processes and creates an environment that is as close as it gets to the real conditions in which the finished product will be used.

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When do you require DevOps services?
  • Application instability.
  • Delivery of an update takes too long; the service is unavailable to the end user.
  • A large number of manual operations.
DevOps benefits for a business:
DevOps benefits for a business:
  • Reduced cycle time and faster deployment.
  • Improved quality, availability and fail-safety.
  • More time to build product value and bolster functionality.
With Devops you'll forget about:
  • Inflexible and non-scalable infrastructures.
  • Routine tiresome approvals and finalizations between the development and administrative teams.
  • Inefficient releases.
With Devops you'll forget about:
What are the processes underpinning DevOps engineering?
What are the processes underpinning DevOps engineering?

DevOps engineers work with a variety of tools to balance loads, improve fail-safety, build scalability strategies, and quickly monitor the system.

The essence of DevOps can be packed into a simple concept: CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery). It is like a conveyor belt, where as soon as any changes are made to the code, they immediately merge with the rest of the data. Automatic testing follows. Upon its completion, data is launched and deployed in the code. In this case, the end user sees the changes and can use them. This approach rids you of any stress caused by integration at the moment of software release.

Invento Labs DevOps services:
  • Continuous integration. Performing merges at every opportunity, accompanied by assembly and launch, automatic testing.
  • Continuous delivery. Capability to launch product releases as frequently as required by your business. All adjustments are implemented very promptly at the push of a button. This way, not only tests, but also update releases can be automated.
  • Continuous deployment. Deployment requires no employee involvement in the release process. All of the tested edits are immediately available to the user provided they are tested successfully. The main convenience is that developers can focus on their work and have no worries about the project deadline. Getting feedback from customers is much faster, which helps to improve development efficiency. However, continuous deployment is only possible if the application logic and update processes allow it.
  • Monitoring, configuration, metrics collection and data visualization. The DevOps methodology envisages more frequent source code releases. This significantly alters the way the monitoring service works. As a result of engagement between Dev and DevOps, full control of application performance can be gained when monitoring criteria are defined and monitoring itself is configured. This information can be used for both software performance monitoring and subsequent improvements in the development of new versions based on collected statistics.
  • Planning of infrastructure components. When a software product is launched, it is critical to identify the environment in which it will operate. It is mandatory to ensure its failsafe operation while keeping the infrastructure costs at a reasonable level.
  • Infrastructure Support (SRE). We are ready to take care of all the processes associated with the release of software products and ensure smooth real-life software operation.
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