Technical support (DevOps)

We will ensure the operability and performance of the infrastructure, then the already existing software and, if needed, update it to the latest versions.

Benefits of working with us:
  • Improved quality, availability, and fail-safety of infrastructure and software;
  • Provision of the required level of infrastructure and software performance;
  • Strategy building to scale the infrastructures;
  • Usage of preventive measures to avert the failure of infrastructure and software.
Our clients' references
DevOps services at Invento Labs:
  • Continuous integration. Build and run the software while being able to perform subsequent automated testing when merging branches of the program code repository.
  • Continuous delivery. Capability to launch product releases as frequently as required by your business. All adjustments are implemented very promptly at the push of a button. This way, not only tests, but also update releases can be automated.
  • Continuous deployment. Deployment requires no employee involvement in the release process. All of the tested edits are immediately available to the user, provided they are tested successfully. The main convenience is that developers can focus on their work and have no worries about the project deadline. Getting feedback from customers is much faster, which helps to improve development efficiency. However, continuous deployment is only possible if the application logic and update processes allow it.
  • Monitoring, configuration, metrics collection, and data visualization. The DevOps methodology envisages more frequent source code releases. This significantly alters the way the monitoring service works. As a result of engagement between Dev and DevOps, full control of application performance can be gained when monitoring criteria are defined and monitoring itself is configured. This information can be used for both software performance monitoring and subsequent improvements in the development of new versions based on collected statistics.
  • Planning of infrastructure components. When a software product is launched, it is critical to identify the environment in which it will operate. It is mandatory to ensure its failsafe operation while keeping the infrastructure costs at a reasonable level.
  • Formation of a fault-tolerant infrastructure. Creation and configuration of infrastructure and/or application components in such a way as to ensure the maximum service availability in case of any emergencies.
  • Cloud platform deployment. Creation of a public or private IAAS platform to manage the company's computing resources, or for provision of such services to third-party clients.
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