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Invento Labs offers an extensive range of software development services:

from adapting existing products to the changing requirements of your business to developing reliable and efficient solutions from scratch to comply with your individual vision.

Invento Labs has been developing software solutions for over 11 years, and our specialists are positive that software implementation calls for as much labour and resources as the development process. It includes such important elements as the description of terms and conditions for software use and training users to work with the new software product.

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The cost and period of software implementation

The cost and period of software implementation by Invento Labs depends on a number of factors and readiness criteria agreed with the customer in advance or those critical to stable performance. These include:

  • degree of preparedness of the customer’s personnel for the transition to a new software product and adaptation to work with it;
  • availability of necessary hardware and software;
  • specific nature of job to be done;
  • scope of planned activities;
  • initial status of databases, availability of backup copies;
  • availability and operability of communication channels.
We split software implementation phases into the following steps:
  • Installation and organization of a system-wide software server;
  • Installation and configuration of components and functions of the server platform;
  • Preparation of database tables, data uploading and integration;
  • Installation and preparation of standard and application software;
  • Integration and adaptation to operations with existing systems and platforms;
  • Monitoring of the whole system performance, testing of the functional properties of the software environment;
  • Final configuration for highest performance and optimization.
The following activities are performed at the final phase of new software implementation process:
  • Detailed software operation instructions are developed;
  • The customer’s specialists are trained to work with the new software product. This is possible both remotely and at your company’s premises;
  • Where necessary, adjustments are made to software upon receipt of feedback from the customer (correction of errors, improvement of functionality);
  • After making corrections according to the customer’s remarks, both parties sign a completion certificate and a project acceptance certificate according to the terms of reference. The final phase is the transfer of the software product to the customer.

Please note:

Software implementation is only possible when the software in question performs its function. However, during the operation of a software product, the customer may have questions, which is quite natural.

In this case, Invento Labs offers you software maintenance services to make sure that no question is left unanswered, that the time and money you invest will be spent for the benefit of your business.

If a customer has its own technical team to support software, we will train its specialists to work with the deployed software.

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