Management consulting

We will help to create an efficient business strategy to minimize risks, cut down costs, and wisely allocate company resources.

Benefits of working with us:
  • Improved quality and management speed;
  • Clear work plan to achieve the predetermined goals;
  • Identification of key indicators for subsequent managerial decision-making;
  • Development of business process mathematical model;
  • Building employee motivation systems;
  • Development of employee and business process methodology before the automation implementation.
Our Management consulting services:
  • Management system diagnostics from the position of the owner and the contractor;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of budgeting system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of managerial accounting system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of balanced scorecard and KPI system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of corporate investment management system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of risk management system;
  • Finance management training for employees from the basics up to the expert level.
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