Management consulting

Invento Labs offers a complete range of financial and economic consulting services.

Together with leading consultants in finance and economics we will work on building your company’s business logic: from diagnosing your business needs and developing/adjusting planning methods, establishing managerial accounting, building BSC and KPI systems all the way to their implementation as a technical/software solution and further support of this product.


Advantages of Management consulting:
  • Use of best practices of Belarusian, Russian and European companies;
  • Experienced and efficient team;
  • Outside perspective of the owner and implementer;
  • Result-oriented approach;
  • Responsibility for the result.
Our Management consulting services:
  • Management system diagnostics;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of budgeting system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of managerial accounting system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of balanced scorecard and KPI system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of corporate investment management system;
  • Development/adjustment/implementation of risk management system;
  • Finance management training for employees from the basics up to the expert level.
Are you interested in our management consulting service for your business?

Invento Labs management consulting specialists will help you identify and address problems that stand in the way of your business growth and development. We work closely with the top management of our corporate customers, clear up their requirements and set realistic achievable goals. This approach enables us to achieve maximum results within the established deadline.

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